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New original watercolours

Largo Sunset (50 x 33cm unframed £290)

Things are looking up!  Instead of seeing me painting, this time you get to see what I was working on during my trip to Scotland…   an altogether more palatable prospect! These are views from the studio at Largo, on the Fife coast. They may turn out to be part of the Facing the Storm project for next … Continue reading

News from the seafront

Christopher Ware watercolour artist

It’s Sarah here… Christopher Ware’s wife, recently returned from Scotland. I’m happy to report that no nagging was needed… Chris is hard at work, not just on commissions but also inspired by the beach, sea and weather outside his window. He’s done some beautiful small watercolour originals that are being offered first to those on his … Continue reading

A Room with a View!

Chris's studio in Fife

Regular studio visitors might not immediately recognise this as Levisham station. It is, however, the view from my temporary studio… albeit in Scotland! I’m in watercolour purdah on the Fife coast painting commissions and warming up for my winter trek to Benbecula.  This, for instance, was the view from this studio yesterday. I’m not just … Continue reading

Breezy round the Trossachs!

Winter drawers on … or in my case, “Fetch the kilt, if you’d be so kind.” The studio has closed for now. I’ll be back working there from 21 November,  when I return from the first of my Scottish painting trips. And I will definitely be open the weekend of 26/27 November. For the first three … Continue reading

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