God is indeed a Yorkshireman! Realising I am painting storm-scapes for the exhibition at Emery Down, New Forest (30 June – 1 July), he has supplied plentiful rain and gusty winds to Levisham to inspire me. However, I already have 2000 photos from this winter’s Western Isles trip, so have been using those for inspiration too.

This year’s theme of ‘Facing the Storm’ or ‘how we view upheaval’, has produced surprises with new paintings describing the glorious turmoil of sunrises as well as the power of stormy upheaval on land and sea.

We will also be showing some prints from the trip and other landscape and railway originals and prints, including one from the archives that might appeal – ‘New Forest Sky’. Emery Down is just outside Southampton and easy to get to if you would like to see me in my Southern plumage!

This weekend I have a full exhibition of both landscape and railway work at the studio during the ‘Swinging Sixties‘ event, when the station will ring to ’60s tribute bands playing in the paddock.

We remain open every day except Wednesdays, and I will be there right up until the we leave for the New Forest, when ‘the team’ takes over. So do come and say hello – Levisham is at its prettiest at the moment with the huge banks of trees in leaf and the poppies out along the platform.

Hope to see you soon! In the meantime, if you didn’t watch my videos from Scotland this winter, here’s another chance to find out what ‘Facing the Storm’ is all about (in reverse order!)…

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‘Facing the Storm’